More MPO images for 3D Televisions and Displays

Another selection of .mpo files for you to view on your 3D television, FujiFilm W3 Real3D Digital Camera or W1 lenticular display. Preview in Anaglyph format then download .mpo

Video Camera Lens

YouTube Video Editor

Recently I have been experimenting with the YouTube video editor and some HD video created with my Nikon D7000 digital camera. I wanted to know if the YouTube could provide a simple but effective HD editing tool.

A380 Superjumbo

Anaglyph 3D Images

Following the interest received in Design-Design’s 3D MPO files, we are publishing some of the 3D anaglyph images created by the camera. You only require RED / CYAN glasses to see them, a more cost effective route to still image 3D!

Skateboarder at Venice Beach in LA

Sample .mpo 3D Images

A selection of .mpo files for you to view on your 3D television, FujiFilm W3 Real3D Digital Camera or W1 lenticular display. These are available to view in their original size and format and were taken in Australia and America.

Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint

Having a significant digital footprint of quality content is not a guarantee of success as a designer in these modern times but it certainly helps get you noticed. Design-Design provides an overview of Simcoemedia’s digital footprint.

Bored person by desk

Encouraging Keen Readers

Engaging with customers viewing your site is a very difficult business for some companies – especially when promoting a ‘one size fits all’ solution won’t solve anything or ‘discount of the week’ is not appropriate.

Meeting Room

Project Meetings

Creating successful projects through effective communication is not always easy but there are a variety of methods that can be used. This article discusses the main methods with a focus on physical group meetings.

Successful Social Networking

Creating A Social Network

There are so many opportunities to connect and create networks using Open Source online resources that if you lead a club or interest group then there is very little excuse not to create an online environment for your members.

Islington Business Design Centre

Design Centre Review 2011

Quick review of Loughborough students work at the New Designers Exhibition in London 2011 where some of this years design students from Universities around the UK are exhibiting their designs in the Islington Business Design Centre

Starting Design Business

Setting Up A Business

Setting up a design or other business can be daunting. This article provides an overview of the challenges to overcome as well as the advantages and disadvantages of running a business along with useful reference links.

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